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Welcome to Serendipidy Aromatics 


Since 2015, together with fellow market trader Funky Plum, we have had a summer shop in Duras called Wrap It Up which is a lot of fun and has been a great success.



The business was founded in 2003 and existed originally as a Market Stall in York where I worked until 2013.


This website and ebay shop was started in 2007 and has been thriving ever since. 

In 2013 we moved to South West France and started doing the markets there. 


We also do the Christmas Markets in Area.



Serendipidy Aromatics specialises in Aromatherapy and Incense Products but is still growing and becoming more diverse.

Watch as this website expands over the next few months. 

Payment is using the secure server of PayPal.


Please note that all items have free postage for the UK with a minimum order of £10 and free within Europe with a minimum order of £20.



January 2018:


Happy New Year!! 

Get 20% rebate on all Home Fragrance products during January


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