Citronella candles, incense and oils are great for keeping all those midges and mosquitoes away.  If you're travelling abroad it could be well worth your while to take some citronella items with you..  You can also make good use of the incense and candles if you are having outdoor dinner parties..


Citronella has a fresh lemony smell.


50 Citronella Incense Sticks

Pack of 50 incense sticks


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Citronella Essential Oil 10 ml

Add a couple of drops to a teaspoon of base oil if applying directly to the skin.

You can also apply neat to your clothing or sprinkle around the bed at night.

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Citronella Massage and Bath Oil

Use this oil for all over protection

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Citronella Room Spray


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Citronella Stamford Incense Cones

Pack of 15 large incense cones

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Citronella Incense Cones Pack of 50
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